Jukka Turunen VOB publisher


I have always been an avid reader and over the past several years I have mostly read ebooks. Idea for a VOB came 5 years ago from an interest to make reading experience even better for myself. To combine the best features of ebook reading apps with other medias and to able to access that anytime everywhere. Because there was no such a product available I decided to make one.
Later VOB Publishing was founded in the first place because there was a great book called Five Women, Hundred Llves which didn’t have a publisher. It became our first publication released both in VOB format and hardcover.


Seija Hirstiö VOB designer


I work with online videos and documentaries as well as graphic design and web design. I tend to be more in love with visual images and telling visual stories but I have also written two books. To me to be able to make one online book, which has videos, photos, graphics and text in one package is such a pleasure! And to be able to easily sell the books globally, widens the horizons even further.
Have a look at my work here
In the early days of VOB, before responsive design, we made a great campaign for Huussi ry to enlighten benefits of dry toilets! Have a look at it here.


”We pay each vobber a special attention. We believe in quality rather than quantity. We want to help people to bring their work out to the world as products that are enjoyable to read and watch. Which sell well and raise interest.”


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